Water heaters ordinarily accomplish just what they are intended to and generally remain unnoticed up to the point when one needs a Louisville Water Heater Repair. Nevertheless, a number of the problems which develop may be avoided through regular servicing by a specialist. Be sure to pay attention to your gas burning hot water heater, because a few of the problems that can develop could be expensive and unsafe for loved ones and household pets. Outlined in this article, we’re outlining four indications that a gas water heater could possibly have to be exchanged.

Dripping Water

If there is water on the ground near your water heater or leaking from a pipe, you might have to exchange the water heater. However, based on just where the water is found and what amount there is, you could be all right. When the water heater is dripping water from a pipe and there is some water on the floor next to the heater, it is most likely the T&P valve. The temperature and pressure valve removes unwanted water vapor from the water heater, this kind of steam turns to water and will come outside of the hot water heater by means of a pipe to the side of the tank. If this is the situation, it is totally ordinary and vital for the water heater to work appropriately. You should not attempt to move the T&P valve and never block it. If you are concerned with the volume of water which is coming out from the pipe, call a professional! When the leaking water is coming from the bottom of the tank, it is almost undoubtedly time to get a brand new water heater. When the water heater heats water the metal tank expands and contracts, and this movement could result in cracks and little fractures, which will sooner or later cause leaks. As soon as this develops, it will be time to install a brand new system.Water Heater Repair in Louisville


Around the pipes coming out of the water heater you can find pipe fittings that ought to be sealed tight in order to keep the pipe in place and keep water from leaking out of the opening. In the event you happen to be seeing corrosion around such pipe fittings, water is getting out of the hole. Although this is not a large leak and is not going to bring about immediate harm to the hot water heater, if the problem isn’t resolved, major and costly issues will eventually arise.

Burn Marks

If you happen to be observing burn marks on the lower part of the hot water heater, there are actually two possible troubles. However, each of them happen to be rather critical and both need a pro. One problem can be with the venting. If the venting is blocked or had been installed improperly, it can cause the exhaust gases to come back in the house. This is dangerous and might lead to sickness or a fire if left alone for long. But, this might not mean you will have to upgrade the water heater, which is good. Another potential issue with burn marks can be the flue pipes in the water heater are blocked. This can lead to several harmful problems and, regrettably, the hot water heater will have to be replaced asap.

Yellow Flame Color

Gas burning hot water heaters have got a blue flame below the tank whenever it is operating. But, in the event that you’re seeing the flame is an orange or yellow shade, rather than blue, the burner isn’t working accurately and is going to need to be looked at by an expert.

There are a number of complications that can arise with gas burning hot water heaters, but having consistent servicing and yearly examinations, you may be able to prevent the need for an emergency water heater repair in Louisville KY that can possibly be expensive. Call us today if you observe something unusual with your hot water heater!